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Southwell (Tues)

Today’s Southwell fancies:

12.50 South- Overtoujay & Barton Rose (e/w).

1.20 South- Valleyofmilan (win).

1.50 South- Reckless Behavior & Cahill (e/w).

2.20 South- Supremely Lucky (win).

2.50 South- Prophet’s Prayer (e/w).

3.20 South- Dove Mountain & Saffron Prince (e/w).

3.50 South- Mello Yello & Finick Glory (e/w).


Hereford (Monday)

Today’s Hereford fancies:

12.45 Here- Hands Of Stone & Keppel Isle (e/w).

1.15 Here- Giving Glances (win).

1.45 Here- Embole (win).

2.15 Here- Renwick (win).

2.45 Here- Cougar Kid (win).

3.20 Here- Pembroke House (e/w).

3.50 Here- First Figaro (e/w).

Cheltenham November Meeting (Sunday)

Today’s Cheltenham fancies:

1.15 Chelt- Ballyhome & Unblinking (e/w).

1.50 Chelt- Lalor (e/w).

2.25 Chelt- Simply Ned (e/w).

3.00 Chelt- Midnight Shadow & Verdana Blue (e/w).

3.30 Chelt- Elixir De Nutz (win).

4.00 Chelt- Master Debonair (win).

The 2011 version

Cheltenham November Meeting (Saturday)

12.40 Chelt- Quel Destin (e/w).

1.15 Chelt- The Worlds End (win).

1.50 Chelt- Daklondike & Sharp Response (e/w).

2.25 Chelt- see link above

3.00 Chelt- Boyhood (e/w).

3.30 Chelt- Westend Story (e/w).

4.00 Chelt- Mrs Hyde & Legends Gold (e/w).

Cheltenham November Meeting (Friday)

Photo: D.Betteridge

Today’s Cheltenham fancies:

12.40 Chelt- Sky Pirate & Presenting Julio (e/w).

1.15 Chelt- Snookered & Rockpoint (e/w).

1.50 Chelt- Doitforthevillage (e/w).

2.25 Chelt- Count Meribel (e/w).

3.00 Chelt- Bless The Wings (e/w).

3.35 Chelt- Percy Veer & Double Treasure (e/w).

Cheltenham Radio (listen here)

Southwell (Thursday)

Today’s Southwell fancies:

12.10 South- Limerick Lord & Stanley (e/w).

12.40 South- Assimile (win).

1.10 South- Theatre Of War (win).

1.40 South- Jack Taylor & Landing Light (e/w).

2.15 South- Lads Order (e/w).

2.45 South- Jadeyra (win).

3.20 South- Kibrit & Hussar Ballad (e/w).

3.50 South- Bond Angel & Alpha Tauri (e/w).

Bangor-On-Dee (Weds)

Today’s Bangor fancies:

12.45 Bang- Thyne For Gold (e/w).

1.20 Bang- Maria’s Benefit (win).

1.50 Bang- Yala Enki & Full Irish (e/w).

2.25 Bang- The Some Dance Kid (e/w).

2.55 Bang- Wilde Blue Yonder & Shalakar (e/w).

3.30 Bang- Notachance (win).

4.00 Bang- Glenpark (e/w).

Smelling nice!