Cartmel (Bank Holiday Monday)

Cartmel Rainy Day

Cartmel Rainy Day

Today’s Cartmel fancies:

2.25 Cart- Dire Straits (win).

3.00 Cart- Solway Prince (e/w).

3.35 Cart- Chestnut Ben (e/w).

4.10 Cart- Iona Days & Rouge Et Blanc (e/w).

4.40 Cart- Lackamon (e/w).

5.15 Cart- Newspage (win).

5.45 Cart- Pistol (e/w).

Money for nothing and your tips for free! ;-)

Haydock (Temple Stakes Day)


After a string of placed horses throughout the afternoon it took until the last race to finally get a winner with Merchant Of Medici (P Hanagan, 14/1). I was fortunate enough to take 22.0 on Betfair at lunchtime so it was a satisfying end to the day.

Today’s Haydock fancies:

1.25 Hay- Not Never (win).

2.00 Hay- Seamore & Totalize (e/w).

2.35 Hay- Storm Rock (e/w).

3.10 Hay- Aetna (e/w).

3.45 Hay- Hot Streak (e/w).

4.20 Hay- My Name Is Rio & Gramercy (e/w).

4.55 Hay- Gold Will (e/w).


My tip for the Eurovision Song Contest tonight is Russia. I’m completely biased after backing it at 16/1 last week but it should give me a good run for my money. I’ve got plenty of savers on Sweden so here’s hoping for a good night.

We believe! ;-)


Haydock (Friday)


Today’s Haydock fancies:

2.00 Hay- More Mischief (e/w).

2.30 Hay- Phantom Flipper (e/w).

3.05 Hay- Use Your Filbert & Golden Spun (e/w).

3.40 Hay- Don’t Tell Annie (e/w).

4.15 Hay- Its Gonna Be Me (e/w).

4.50 Hay- Neutron Bomb (win).

5.20 Hay- Save The Bees & Merchant Of Medici (e/w).

Olivia Neutron Bomb! ;-)

Wetherby (Thursday)


Today’s Wetherby fancies:

2.00 Weth- Chilly Miss (e/w).

2.30 Weth- Double Double (win).

3.05 Weth- Civil Unrest (win).

3.40 Weth- Avidity (e/w).

4.15 Weth- Go Odee Go (win).

4.50 Weth- Tullamore Dew (e/w).

5.20 Weth- Mr Hopeful & Nicky Nutjob (e/w).

Go! ;-)

Sizing Up Southwell (Wednesday)


Today’s Southwell fancies:

5.50 South- Centasia (win).

6.20 South- Pair Of Jacks (win).

6.50 South- Midnight Shot (win).

7.20 South- Road To Freedom (e/w).

7.50 South- Follow The Tracks (e/w).

8.20 South- Walter De La Mare (e/w).

8.50 South- Repeat The Feat (win).

Thanks for the memories. Have a long retirement!

Newton Abbot (Tuesday)


Little Mix (Mr G Sheehan, 7/1) & By The Boardwalk (Mr T Bellamy, 6/4 fav) were two nice winners for the blog yesterday at Towcester.

Today’s fancies are at Newton Abbot:

5.30 Newt- Peggy Do (win).

6.00 Newt- Tara Tavey (e/w).

6.30 Newt- Raajih (e/w).

7.00 Newt- Ciceron (win).

7.30 Newt- Sylvan Legend (e/w).

8.00 Newt- One Cool Scorpion (e/w).

8.30 Newt- Ballytober (e/w).

Sylvian legend! ;-)

Towcester (Monday)


Today’s Towcester fancies:

2.10 Towc- Earcomesthedream (e/w).

2.40 Towc- Little Mix (e/w).

3.10 Towc- Beauchamp Viking (e/w).

3.40 Towc- Maller Tree (e/w).

4.10 Towc- By The Boardwalk (e/w).

4.40 Towc- Simply The West (e/w).

5.10 Towc- Diamond Gesture (e/w).

How about under it? ;-)