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Great St Wilfrid Day 2022 (Ripon)

Pic: Ripon Races

Today’s Ripon fancies:

1.40 Rip- Prince Of Pillo (win).

2.15 Rip- Boy Douglas (e/w).

2.50 Rip- Mark’s Choice & Summerghand (e/w).

3.25 Rip- Cassy O (e/w).

4.00 Rip- Bearwith (e/w).

4.33 Rip- Marbuzet (e/w).

Ripon (Monday)

Today’s Ripon fancies:

5.45 Ripon- Temper Trap (win).

6.15 Ripon- Squealer (e/w).

6.45 Ripon- Granny B (e/w).

7.15 Ripon- Canaria Prince (e/w).

7.45 Ripon- Gibside (win).

8.20 Ripon- Panama City (win).

Ripon (Monday)

Today’s Ripon fancies:

1.55 Rip- Lincoln Rockstar (e/w).

2.25  Rip- Prayer Matt (win).

2.55 Rip- Hellenista (win).

3.25 Rip- Dakota Gold (win).

3.55 Rip- Bollin Margaret (e/w).

4.25 Rip- Roach Power (win).

5.00 Rip- Little Ted (win).

Ripon (Monday)

I’m reliably informed that my tipping four-timer at Market Rasen yesterday afternoon paid a whopping 1320-1 so hopefully some of you readers/followers backed one or two of them for yourself? That’s certainly a great way to start the week.

Today’s Ripon fancies:

6.15 Rip- Greenroad (e/w).

6.45 Rip- Marbuzet (win).

7.15 Rip- Poet’s Dawn (win).

7.45 Rip- Fishable (e/w).

8.15 Rip- Wilkins (win).

8.45 Rip- Bicep (e/w).

Ripon (Weds)

Today’s Ripon fancies:

5.25 Rip- Little Edi (win).

5.55 Rip- My Punch (e/w).

6.25 Rip- Dapper Man (e/w).

6.55 Rip- Dungar Glory (e/w).

7.25 Rip- Gibside (e/w).

8.00 Rip- Persist (win).

8.30 Rip- Stronsay & Mr Orange (e/w).

Ripon (Sunday)

Today’s Ripon fancies:

2.10 Ripon- Gullane One & Young Tiger (e/w).

2.40 Ripon- Ti Amo Sempre (win).

3.10 Ripon- Franz (win).

3.40 Ripon- Briardale & Society Red (e/w).

4.10 Ripon- True Jem (e/w).

4.40 Ripon- Holocene (win).

5.10 Ripon- Moon Bay & Heart Of Kabeir (e/w).

Ripon (Thurs)

Today’s Ripon fancies:

1.00 Ripon- Montelusa (e/w).

1.40 Ripon- Bay Breeze & Moon Bay (e/w).

2.15 Ripon- Mark’s Choice (e/w).

2.50 Ripon- Wots The Wifi Code (win).

3.25 Ripon- Flippin’ Eck (e/w).

4.00 Ripon- Polyphonic (e/w).

4.35 Ripon- Cassy O & Just Hiss (e/w).

Ripon (Monday)

Today’s Ripon fancies:

Today’s Ripon fancies:

5.25 Rip- Angel Amadea (win).

5.55 Rip- Dapper Man (e/w).

6.25 Rip- Eagle Court (win).

6.55 Rip- Poet’s Dawn (e/w).

7.25 Rip- Oot My Way (e/w).

7.55 Rip- Cometh The Man (e/w).

Ripon (Monday)

Today’s Ripon fancies:

1.57 Rip- Summer’s Day (e/w).

2.32 Rip- Morty (win).

3.07 Rip- Stonific (e/w).

3.42 Rip- Bossipop (e/w).

4.12 Rip- Delph Crescent (e/w).

4.45 Rip- Mahrajaan (win).

5.20 Rip- Firewater (e/w).

Ripon (Monday)

Today’ Ripon fancies:

6.30 Rip- May Punch (e/w).

7.00 Rip- Rum Runner & Dreamseller (e/w).

7.30 Rip- Carrigillihy (win).

8.00 Rip- Bollin Joan (e/w).

8.30 Rip- Impeller (win) & small e/w Copper Queen.

9.00 Rip- Raqisa (e/w).