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Ludlow (Monday)

Today’s Ludlow fancies:

12.35 Lud- Rock On Tiger (win).

1.05 Lud- Blue Monday (win).

1.40 Lud- Hurricane Harvey (win).

2.15 Lud- Red Mix (e/w).

2.45 Lud- Wilde Spirit (e/w).

3.20 Lud- Cotswold Way (e/w).

3.50 Lud- Love The Leader (e/w).

Cheer up – it’s Blue Monday

Today (Monday 16 January) is statistically the most depressing day of the year for punters, and has been dubbed ‘Blue Monday’.

Steve Mullington, Head of Commercial Operations at Mull It Over, has offered some suggestions for punters to help beat the gloom during Blue Monday and throughout 2012.

1. Share your objectives for 2012. Do you know what you want to achieve this year? Back a Gold Cup or Grand National winner? Do your favourite trainers share that vision and do they know how important their role is in achieving it? Set personal goals and rewards to focus your mind and have a clear antepost direction.

2. Recognise. One thing everyone in racing has in common this year is a birthday, horses too. Have you got the reminders in your Racing Post calendar? Whilst your singing may not be appreciated, your sense of occasion will be. A little gift that means something to them as a person will work wonders for their motivation.

3. Rap with your racing buddies. If your attempt to show you care about buddies still only extends to asking about how their journey to the races was, then you are a long way from the rapport that you need to foster real bonding. Find out what really charges their batteries – outside of racing – and take a genuine interest.

4. Celebrate! Are you good at celebrating success? If not, then the year of the Olympics in Britain is a great time to start. Regular Get In‘s! , a good sprinkling of Yee-ha’s and the occasional Boom! for helping your mates to win, is not just good practice, it will give your punting a competitive edge. Never neglect a personal best or a 200/1 winner.

5. Pass the baton. You don’t need to be in control all of the time. You don’t even need to be the best tipster. Share the baton around (be careful not to drop it). Give your punting friends a chance to show what they can do. Who is up for it?

6. Clear the hurdles. If it takes five Placepots and six Exactas to get the profits off the ground then the race will be over before you started. Don’t make betting more difficult than it needs to be. Break the unnecessary duff selecting.

7. Be visible. Blog like a good ‘un, spend time with your racing colleagues, be accessible. Offer to buy the teas or get the beers in.

*The above is a spoof transcript I devised from a HR website. Hope you find it amusing*

Today’s fancies are for Plumpton:

1.10 Plump- Chilworth Lass & Specialagent Alfie (e/w).

1.40 Plump- Owen Glendower (win).

2.10 Plump –Goring Too (win).

2.40 Plump- Lady Kathleen (win).

3.10 Plump- Magot De Grugy (win).

3.40 Plump- Marias Rock (e/w).

4.10 Plump- Where’s Johnny (e/w).

Hope you beat the blues today! 😉