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King George VI Chase Day 2020 (Kempton)

A Boxing Day legend

Today’s Kempton fancies:

12.40 Kemp- On To Victory (win).

1.15 Kemp- William H Bonney & Hold The Note (e/w).

1.50 Kemp- Enrilo (e/w).

2.25 Kemp- Epatante (win).

3.00 Kemp- Lostintranslation (e/w).

3.35 Kemp- Coeur De Lion & Ecco (e/w).

The greatest!

Kempton (Boxing Day 2019)

Today’s Kempton fancies:

12.50 Kemp- Ecco (e/w).

1.20 Kemp- Roll Again & Fidux (e/w).

1.55 Kemp- Slate House (win).

2.30 Kemp- Ch’tibello (e/w).

3.05 Kemp- see link above.

3.40 Kemp- Star Of Lanka & Theo’s Charm (e/w).

King George VI Chase Day 2018 (Kempton)

Will it be another grey day today?

Today’s Kempton fancies:

12.50 Kemp- The Big Bite (win).

1.20 Kemp- Vivas & Lough Derg Spirit (e/w).

1.55 Kemp- La Bague Au Roi (e/w).

2.30 Kemp- Buveur D’air (win).

3.05 Kemp- see link above.

3.40 Kemp- Divin Bere & The Sweeney (e/w).

Dessie wins 30 years ago.

King George VI Chase 2017 (Kempton)

Today’s Kempton fancies:

12.45 Kemp- Irish Prophecy (e/w).

1.20 Kemp- Touch Kick (e/w).

1.55 Kemp- Elegant Escape (e/w).

2.30 Kemp- Buveur D’Air (win).

3.05 Kemp- Whisper (e/w).

3.40 Kemp- Dashing Oscar & Doesyourdogbite (e/w).

The French take the feature race.

Kempton Boxing Day 2016


Today’s Kempton fancies:

12.55 Kemp- Elgin (6.6) e/w.

1.30 Kemp- Max Ward (8.0) e/w.

2.05 Kemp- Amore Alato (11.0) e/w.

2.40 Kemp- The New One (2.64) win.

3.15 Kemp- Cue Card (2.28) win.

3.45 Kemp- Doesyourdogbite (11.0) & Southport (27.0) e/w.

30 years ago!

King George VI Chase 2015 (Kempton)

Will they be saying Ric who later?

Will they be saying Ric who later?

Today’s Kempton fancies:

12.50 Kemp- Marracudja (e/w).

1.25 Kemp- West Wizard (e/w).

2.00 Kemp- Bally Beaufort (e/w).

2.35 Kemp- Old Guard (e/w).

3.10 Kemp- Valseur Lido (e/w).

3.45 Kemp- Max Forte & Swnymor (e/w).

2o years ago #KingGeorgeVImemories

Boxing Day Racing – Kempton


Click to go to offer.

Merry Boxing Day one and all for what is actually the main event for all sports fans.

Looking through the bookmaker offers this morning I spotted the one above. It’s not a bad one actually as it covers a few bases because quite a number of horses could go off favourite in those two races.

I hope you all got plenty of nice gifts yesterday? I got this amazing box set of smellies which I’m going to douse myself in every time I attend the races in 2015. Watch out girls!

haikarateAnd now my gift to you. Today’s Kempton fancies:

12.50 Kemp- Arzal (e/w).

1.25 Kemp- Knock House (e/w).

2.00 Kemp- Virak (e/w).

2.35 Kemp- Sign Of A Victory (e/w).

3.10 Kemp- Al Ferof (e/w) & comb exacta 1-7-8-9.

3.45 Kemp- Kilmurvy & Aalim (e/w).

Dessie beats Kildimo & Vodkatini.

Kempton Kop

Eighty races later and it’s a return to some sort of normality here on the Mull It Over Blog. Winners on Boxing Day were: Whisper (A Tinkler, 4-6 fav), Frontier Spirit (S Twiston-Davies, 9-4), Arvika Ligeonniere (P Townend, 9-10 fav), Argocat (Andrew J McNamara, 9-4), Futuramic (R C Colgan, 5-1 ), Fourjacks (B Harding, 5-4 fav), Tahiti Pearl (L Alexander, 13-8), Grouse Lodge (S Thomas, 10-11 fav), Monkerty Tunkerty (W Kennedy, 9-4 joint-fav), Rolling Aces (Nick Scholfield, 4-7 fav), Rody (P J Brennan, 15-8), Boxing Shadows (T Eaves, 1-10 fav) & Sir Boss (T Eaves, 7-1 ). If I missed any others it’s because I’m rather boggle eyed looking through the results 😀

Today’s fancies are at Kempton:

12.25 Kemp- Mcvicar (e/w).

12.55 Kemp- Simonsig (win).

1.30 Kemp- Kaffie & Miss Milborne (e/w).

2.05 Kemp- Ghizao (e/w).

2.40 Kemp- Kumbeshwar (e/w).

3.15 Kemp- Sizing Santiago (e/w).

3.45 Kemp- Able Deputy & Bourne (e/w).

Long Run in the winner's enclosure

In for the long run! 😉


Mulldog’s Boxing Day Marathon

It’s an Olympic year and we all have plenty of stamina so how about a twelve fixture Boxing Day extravaganza? It is Racing Christmas after all! 😀

Let me just say this is just for fun and certain cards have been studied with vigour (i.e Kempton, Wetherby). Others have had less attention and the rest have simply been skimmed over.

Todays fancies at every meeting in the UK & Ireland are:

12.10 Sedge- Ballymartin King (e/w).

12.20 Font- Morestead (win).

12.20 Leo- Urano (win).

12.25 DR- Merchant Royal (e/w).

12.25 MR- Cattawollow & Nicky Nutjob (e/w).

12.30 Winc- Shady Lane (e/w).

12.35 Ffos- Whisper (win).

12.35 Lim- Pageboy (e/w).

12.35 Weth- Knockando (win).

12.40 Sedge- Fourjacks (win).

12.45 Towc- Todareistodo (e/w).

12.50 Kemp- Asker (e/w).

12.50 Leo- Operating & King Of Firth (e/w).

12.55 DR- Mackeys Forge (e/w).

12.55 Font- Evella (e/w).

1.00 MR- Memorabilia (e/w).

1.05 Lim- Shattered Dream (e/w).

1.05 Winc- Withy Mills & Thundering Home (e/w).

1.10 Ffos- Quapriland (win).

1.10 Weth- Lukey Luke & Justjoe  (e/w).

1.15 Sedge- Twice Lucky (e/w).

1.20 Leo- Fisher (e/w).

1.20 Towc- Market Option (e/w).

1.25 DR- Whiskey & Red (win).

1.25 Kemp- Milarrow (e/w).

1.30 Font- Old Dreams & Fesisty Lass (e/w).

1.35 MR- Countess Comet (e/w).

1.40 Lim- Argocat (win).

1.40 Weth- Monkerty Tunkerty (win).

1.40 Wolv- Boxing Shadows (win).

1.45 Ffos- Bringewood Belle (e/w).

1.45 Weth- Mr Moonshine & Going Wrong (e/w).

1.50 Leo- Mullaghwillin Boy & Miss Accurate (e/w).

1.55 Sedge- River Dragon (win).

1.55 Towc- Manadam (win).

2.00 DR- Los Amigos (e/w).

2.00 Kemp- Poungach (e/w).

2.05 Font- Wilde Ruby (e/w).

2.10 Lim- Ardglen & Yeoman (e/w).

2.10 MR- Roi De Garde (e/w).

2.10 Wolv- Faithful Ruler (e/w).

2.15 Winc- Lamps (e/w).

2.20 Ffos- Elton Fox (e/w).

2.20 Leo- On The Way Out & Senior Again (e/w).

2.20 Weth- Ski Sunday (win).

2.30 DR- Toye Native (e/w).

2.30 Sedge- Tahiti Pearl (win).

2.30 Towc- Onedin Line (e/w).

2.35 Kemp- Cinders & Ashes (e/w).

2.40 Lim- Futuramic (e/w).

2.40 Wolv- Dutch Mistress (e/w).

2.45 Font- Bathwick Junior (win).

2.45 MR- Glen Countess (win).

2.50 Winc- Rolling Aces (win).

2.55 Ffos- Frontier Spirit (win).

2.55 Leo- Avrika Ligeonniere (win).

2.55 Weth- Devotion To Duty (e/w).

3.00 DR- Rookery Rebel (e/w).

3.05 Sedge- Kings Chorister (e/w).

3.05 Towc- Grouse Lodge (win).

3.10 Kemp- Riverside Theatre (e/w).

3.10 Lim- Cloughmile (e/w).

3.15 Wolv- Tight Knit (e/w).

3.20 Font- Miss Fleur (win).

3.20 MR- Life Long (e/w).

3.25 Winc- Rody (win).

3.30 DR- Red Admirable & News For Pascal (e/w).

3.30 Ffos- Mortimers Cross (win).

3.30 Leo- Blackmail & Old Kilcash (e/w).

3.30 Winc- Embsay Crag (e/w).

3.35 Sedge- Crooked Arrow (e/w).

3.40 Towc- King Of Glory (e/w).

3.45 Kemp- Saint Roque (e/w).

3.45 Lim- Theatre Mill (win).

3.45 Wolv -Corrib & Bidable (e/w).

3.50 Font- Newforge House (win).

3.55 Winc- The Mobb & Kentford Legend (e/w).

4.00 Ffos- Cash For Steel (win).

4.15 Wolv- Incendo (e/w).

4.45 Wolv- Jeer & Sir Boss (e/w).

man-asleep-at-computerWake me up at 5pm with a mince pie! 😉