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Haydock (Wednesday)

An unassuming Roscommon card provided the blog with a 33/1 & 20/1 winner last night. It’s always satisfying to know that there are still decent bloggers out there and there are those that claim to blog. Longevity, experience and knowledge are the key- please don’t settle for any pale imitations.

Today’s Haydock fancies:

2.00 Hay- Ottonian (win).

2.30 Hay- Vodka Pigeon (e/w).

3.00 Hay- Sidewinder (e/w).

3.30 Hay- Sharja Bridge (e/w).

4.00 Hay- Vaulted (e/w).

4.30 Hay- First Voyage (win).

5.00 Hay- Uae King (win).

First Voyage, Voyage!

Haydock (Saturday)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

1.45 Hay- Doctor Bartolo (e/w).

2.20 Hay- Pennsylvania Dutch (e/w).

2.55 Hay- Eccleston & Major Pusey (e/w).

3.30 Hay- Dubka (e/w).

4.05 Hay- John Of Gaunt Preview

4.40 Hay- Fareeq (e/w).

5.15 Hay- Little Lady Katie & I Am Not Here (e/w).

Racing Rewind!

Haydock (Thursday)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

2.10 Hay- Kuraka & Nordic Combined (e/w).

2.40 Hay- Big Time Maybe (win).

3.10 Hay- Supersymmetry & Excellent Times (e/w).

3.40 Hay- Adams Ale (e/w).

4.10 Hay- Peach Melba (win).

4.40 Hay- With Hindsight (win).

Go Page!

Haydock (Saturday)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

2.20 Hay- Moorside & My Reward (e/w).

2.55 Hay- Rusumaat & Maths Prize (e/w).

3.30 Hay- Second Thought (e/w).

4.05 Hay- Kachy (e/w).

4.35 Hay- Futoon (e/w).

5.10 Hay- Face The Facts (win).

5.40 Hay- Mojito (win).

Highlights from last year.

Haydock (Friday)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

2.20 Hay- Satish & False Id (e/w).

2.55 Hay- Finniston Farm (e/w).

3.30 Hay- Dalton & Sumner Beach (e/w).

4.05 Hay- Sasini (win).

4.40 Hay- Sidewinder (e/w).

5.10 Hay- Moneyoryourlife (e/w).

5.40 Hay- Weekender (win).

Will these deliver today?

Haydock (Swinton Hurdle Day 2017)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

2.00 Hay- Sir Mangan & Kelvingrove (e/w).

2.35 Hay- Monjeni (e/w).

3.10 Hay- John Constable, Great Fighter & London Prize (e/w).

3.45 Hay- Birchwood (e/w).

4.20  Hay- Aeolus (e/w).

4.55 Hay- Ash Park (e/w).

5.25 Hay- Carigrad (e/w).

5.55 Hay- Crookstown (e/w).

20 years ago.

Challenger Series Finals (Haydock)

My advice at Haydock today is small stakes all the way. An end of  season meeting with large competitive fields and an uncertain going can spell a punting disaster. Tread carefully!

Today’s Haydock fancies:

2.05 Hay- Some Buckle & Mumgos Debut (e/w).

2.40 Hay- Behind The Wire & Willoughby Hedge (e/w).

3.15 Hay- Valhalla & Our Thomas (e/w).

3.50 Hay- Poppy Kay (e/w).

4.20 Hay- Wicked Willy & Eminent Poet (e/w).

4.55 Hay- Actinpieces (e/w).

5.30 Hay- Courtown Oscar & Kilbree Chief (e/w).

This time last week…