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Haydock (Thurs)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

4.55 Hay- Natchez Trace (e/w).

5.25 Hay- see link above.

5.55 Hay- see link above.

6.25 Hay- Queen Of Deauville (win).

6.55 Hay- Silky Wilkie (e/w).

7.25 Hay- Fame And Acclaim (win).

7.55 Hay- Just A Tad & Brazilian Beach (e/w).

John Of Gaunt Stakes 2022 (Haydock)

A single £1 line on my Stratford selections last night would have netted you a cool £732.20 (£800+ boosted). Winners at 10/11, 15/2 & 14/1 also made the Hunter Chase card a very profitable evening for all that followed.

Today’s Haydock fancies:

1.10 Hay- Spacer & Million Thanks (e/w).

1.45 Hay- Raasel (e/w).

2.20 Hay- Kelly’s Dino & Hms President (e/w).

2.55 Hay- Sea La Rosa (win).

3.30 Hay- Happy Power (e/w).

4.05 Hay- Able Kane & Dancing In The Woods (win).

4.40 Hay- Windseeker (e/w).


Haydock (Friday)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

1.20 Hay- Rafiki (e/w).

1.55 Hay- Clenched & City Centre (e/w).

2.30 Hay- Mo Celita (e/w).

3.05 Hay- Cwenhild (e/w).

3.40 Hay- Aeonian (win).

4.15 Hay- Billyb & Ravenglass (e/w).

4.45 Hay- Grifter & Wakey Wakey (e/w).

Swinton Hurdle Day 2022 (Haydock)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

1.20 Hay- City Streak (e/w).

1.50 Hay- Magical Spirit (e/w).

2.25 Hay- Proschema & Romeo Brown (e/w).

3.00 Hay- click here for a preview

3.35 Hay- Safe Voyage (e/w).

4.10 Hay- Captain Fantastic (e/w).

4.45 Hay- Zlatan & Safran (e/w).

5.18 Hay- Mystery Fox (win).


Haydock (Weds)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

1.00 Hay- Parisencore (win).

1.35 Hay- Brief Ambition (win).

2.10 Hay- N’Golo (e/w).

2.45 Hay- Chef D’oeuvre (e/w).

3.20 Hay- Nora The Xplorer (win).

3.55 Hay- Phil De Pail (e/w).


Haydock (GN Trial Chase Day 2022)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

1.00 Hay- Shaman Du Berlais (win).

1.30 Hay- Porticello (win).

2.05 Hay- click here.

2.40 Hay- click here.

3.15 Hay- Optimise Prime & Bill Baxter (e/w).

3.50 Hay- Green Book (win).

4.25 Hay- Cousin Pascal (win).


Haydock (Peter Marsh Chase 2022)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

12.50 Hay- Minella Drama (win).

1.25 Hay- Jonbon (win).

2.00 Hay- Tommy’s Oscar (win).

2.35 Hay- Lord Du Mesnil & Lake View Lad (e/w).

3.10 Hay- Teescomponents Lad (e/w).

3.45 Hay- Katpoli (win).

4.15 Hay- Sacre Pierre (win).

Tommy Whittle Chase Day 2021 (Haydock)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

11.50 Hay- Chti Balko (win).

12.20 Hay- Dreams Of Home (win).

12.55 Hay- Haute Estime (e/w).

1.30 Hay- Word Has It (win).

2.05 Hay- see link above.

2.40 Hay- see link above.

3.15 Hay- Welsh Saint (e/w).

Haydock (Weds)

Today’s Haydock selections:

12.40 Hay- Sutton Manor & Niceandeasy (e/w).

1.15 Hay- Ned Tanner (e/w).

1.50 Hay- Coconut Splash (win).

2.20 Hay- Green Book (win).

2.50 Hay- Aso & Smooth Stepper (e/w).

3.20 Hay- Grizzly James & Theme Tune (e/w).

Betfair Chase Day 2021 (Haydock)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

12.10 Hay- Haute Estime (e/w).

12.40 Hay- Chef D’oeuvre & Silva Eclipse (e/w).

1.15 Hay- Christopher Wood (e/w).

1.50 Hay- Click here.

2.25 Hay- Click here.

3.00 Hay- Click here.

3.35 Hay- Click here.