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Chelmsford (Tues)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

1.35 Chelm- Poppy May (e/w).

2.05 Chelm- Old Harbour (e/w).

2.40 Chelm- Double Martini (e/w).

3.15 Chelm- Cottonopolis (win).

3.45 Chelm- Green Door (e/w).

4.15 Chelm- Muraaqeb (e/w).

Chelmsford (Thursday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

4.15 Chelm- Lunar Deity (e/w).

4.45 Chelm- Ertidaad (e/w).

5.15 Chelm- Themaxwecan (e/w).

5.50 Chelm- Global Art (e/w).

6.25 Chelm- Archie (e/w).

6.55 Chelm- Misu Pete (e/w).

7.25 Chelm- Thahab Ifraj (e/w).

7.55 Chelm- Charlie Alpha & Plucky Dip (e/w).

Chelmsford (Thursday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

6.00 Chelm- Deep Intrigue (win).

6.30 Chelm- Yusra (e/w).

7.00 Chelm- Firmament (win).

7.30 Chelm- Boy In The Bar (e/w).

8.00 Chelm- Whatwouldyouknow (e/w).

8.30 Chelm- Bowson Fred (e/w).

9.00 Chelm- Divine Call & Poppy May (e/w).

Chelmsford (Tuesday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

2.00 Chelm- Gold Arrow (win).

2.30 Chelm- Montejar (win).

3.00 Chelm- Mudallel (win).

3.30 Chelm- Mr Reckless (e/w).

4.00 Chelm- Carvelas (e/w).

4.30 Chelm- Gold Filigree (win).

5.00 Chelm- Alexanderthegreat (win).

Chelmsford 1-2-3

Chelmsford (Thursday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

5.45 Chelm- Tamaara (e/w).

6.15 Chelm- The Juggler (win).

6.45 Chelm- Great Order (win).

7.15 Chelm- Extra Mile (win).

7.45 Chelm- Battles Line (win).

6.15 Chelm- Mont Kiara & Ninjago (e/w).

6.45 Chelm- Intermodal (e/w).


Chelmsford (Thursday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

5.55 Chelm- Ted’s Brother (e/w).

6.30 Chelm- Ahfad (e/w).

7.00 Chelm- Good Business (win).

7.30 Chelm- Haraz (win).

8.00 Chelm- Intransigent & Kasbah (e/w).

8.30 Chelm- Sugar Coating (win).

9.00 Chelm- Palawan (e/w).

Chelmsford (Thursday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

5.25 Chelm- Global Academy (e/w).

5.55 Chelm- Chance Encounter (e/w).

6.30 Chelm- Inexes & Aleef (e/w).

7.00 Chelm- Chevallier (e/w).

7.30 Chelm- Fire Diamond (e/w).

8.00 Chelm- Chaucers Tale (e/w).

8.30 Chelm- Victoriously (win).

9.00 Chelm- Silver Penny (e/w).


Chelmsford (Thursday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

5.25 Chelm- Watching Spirits (e/w).

5.55 Chelm- Jahaafel (win).

6.25 Chelm- Magic Pulse (win).

6.55 Chelm- Bubble And Squeak & Flora Sandes (e/w).

7.25 Chelm- Dreaming Time (e/w).

7.55 Chelm- Daring Guest (e/w).

8.25 Chelm- Master Of Heaven (win).

8.55 Chelm- Outlaw Torn (e/w).

Chelmsford (Thursday)

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

5.45 Chelm- Mouchee (e/w).

6.15 Chelm- Cracker Factory (win).

6.45 Chelm- Flora Sandes (e/w).

7.15 Chelm- Always Thankful (e/w).

7.45 Chelm- Harbour Rock & Election day (e/w).

8.15 Chelm- Titan Goddess & The Bear Can Fly (e/w).

8.45 Chelm- Marine One (win).

Chelmsford City (Sunday)

chelmsfordIt’s the new kid on the blog and will bring racing to the Essex masses but today’s opening fixture at Chelmsford City is a guests only event. That hasn’t gone down well with some of the usual gravy-boaters on Twitter but it’s quite amusing to see them squirming with their gravy withdrawal symptoms.

Just one winner for the blog yesterday at Warwick with Copper Kay (R Johnson, 2/1 fav) in the last race bumper. Places on the day too with Keel Haul (J M Davies, 9/2) & Vandross (Miss B Andrews, 20/1).

Today’s Chelmsford fancies:

12.50 Chelm- Gaelic Silver (e/w).

1.20 Chelm- Pin Up (e/w).

1.50 Chelm- Anastazia (e/w).

2.20 Chelm- Serenity Spa & Swiss Cross (e/w).

2.50 Chelm- Super Kid (win).

3.20 Chelm- Norse Blues (e/w).

3.50 Chelm- Danzoe & All Or Nothin (e/w).

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  😉