Monthly Archives: January 2022

Hereford (Mon)

Today’s Hereford fancies:

1.00 Here- Chantilly Haze (e/w).

1.30 Here- Zestful Hope (win).

2.00 Here- Switch Hitter (win).

2.30 Here- Powerstown Park (win).

3.00 Here- Prince Escalus (win).

3.30 Here- Cousin Pascal (e/w).

4.00 Here- Treefinch (e/w).

Sedgefield (Sun)

Today’s Sedgefield fancies:

12.30 Sedge- Betty Baloo (win).

1.00 Sedge- Just Call Me Al (win).

1.30 Sedge- Gordon’s Jet (win).

2.00 Sedge- Heartbreak Kid (win).

2.30 Sedge- Onehundredpercent & Cash Again (e/w).

3.00 Sedge- Tanora (win).

3.30 Sedge- Tiger Jet (e/w).

4.00 Sedge- Set In Stone (e/w).

Great Yorkshire Chase Day 2022 (Doncaster)

Today’s Doncaster fancies:

12.25 Donc- Ted’s Friend & Black Ebony (e/w).

1.00 Donc- Speak Of The Devil (e/w).

1.35 Donc- For Pleasure (win).

2.10 Donc- Miranda (win).

2.45 Donc- Not At Present (e/w).

3.20 Donc- Nuts Well & Hill Sixteen (e/w).

3.55 Donc- Our Marty (win).

Doncaster (Fri)

Live from my Doncaster hotel room I bring you today’s Doncaster selections. Talk about dedication hey 😀 

Today’s Doncaster fancies:

12.15 Donc- Tupelo Mississippi (e/w).

12.45 Donc- Skytastic (win).

1.15 Donc- Funambule Sivola (win).

1.50 Donc- Galah (e/w).

2.25 Donc- Scudamore & Foxhollow (e/w).

3.00 Donc- Tommaso & She’s A Rocco (e/w).

3.30 Donc- Taragrace (e/w).

4.00 Donc- Barnay & Flexi Furlough (e/w).

Wetherby (Thurs)

Today’s Wetherby fancies:

12.40 Weth- Real Armani (e/w).

1.10 Weth- Graystone (win).

1.45 Weth- Burdigala & Annies Prayer (e/w).

2.15 Weth- The Paddy Pie (e/w).

2.45 Weth- Fringill Dike (e/w).

3.15 Weth- Right Said Ted & Percy Veering (e/w).

3.45 Weth- Marta Des Mottes (e/w).

4.17 Weth- Your Place & Court At Slip (e/w).

Catterick (Weds)

Today’s Catterick fancies:

1.40 Catt- Manwell (e/w).

2.10 Catt- Get Your Own (win).

2.40 Catt- River Walk (win).

3.10 Catt- Minella Plus (win).

3.40 Catt- Relkadam (e/w).

4.10 Catt- Blue Hawaii (e/w).

Down Royal (Tues) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁮󠁩󠁲󠁿

Today’s Down Royal fancies:

1.10 DR- Mahons Glory (e/w).

1.40 DR- Cool Rain (e/w).

2.10 DR- Pike County (e/w).

2.40 DR- Gevrey (e/w).

3.10 DR- Lacken Bridge & Enduring Love (e/w).

3.40 DR- Agent Boru & Song Of Earth (e/w).

4.10 DR- Musta Lovea Lovea (e/w).

Southwell (Mon)

Today’s Southwell fancies:

1.00 South- Raabeh (e/w).

1.30 South- Tantastic (e/w).

2.00 South- Mondammej (win).

2.30 South- By Jove (e/w).

3.00 South- Jewel Maker (e/w).

3.30 South- Arlos Sunshine (e/w).

4.00 South- Bluebird (e/w).

Lingfield (Sun)

Today’s Lingfield fancies:

12.50 Ling- Legionar (e/w).

1.20 Ling- Dom Of Mary (e/w).

1.50 Ling- War Lord (win).

2.25 Ling- Darver Star (win).

3.00 Ling- Bristol De Mai (e/w).

3.35 Ling- Smooth Stepper & Fado Des Brosses (e/w).

4.08 Ling- Global Agreement (e/w).

Haydock (Peter Marsh Chase 2022)

Today’s Haydock fancies:

12.50 Hay- Minella Drama (win).

1.25 Hay- Jonbon (win).

2.00 Hay- Tommy’s Oscar (win).

2.35 Hay- Lord Du Mesnil & Lake View Lad (e/w).

3.10 Hay- Teescomponents Lad (e/w).

3.45 Hay- Katpoli (win).

4.15 Hay- Sacre Pierre (win).