Daily Archives: October 12, 2021

Wetherby (Weds)

Wednesday’s Wetherby fancies:

1.38 Weth- We Still Believe (e/w).

2.13 Weth- Pay The Piper (win).

2.48 Weth- Glencassley (win).

3.23 Weth- Gaelik Coast (win).

3.58 Weth- Teescomponents Lad (e/w).

4.33 Weth- Some Reign (win).

5.05 Weth- Tommy’s Oscar (win).

Hereford (Tues)

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the life and times of Trevor Hemmings.

Hereford fancies today:

1.38 Here- Baladio (win).

2.13 Here- Final List & Getaman (e/w).

2.48 Here- Aimee De Sivola (win).

3.23 Here- Some Detail (win).

3.58 Here- Lost In Montmartre (win).

4.33 Here- Kentford Mallard (e/w).

5.07 Here- Tiger Orchid (win).