Daily Archives: February 1, 2021

Wolverhampton (Mon)

Today is the very first time in the ten years that I have been posting this blog that the meeting (Sedgefield) I have focused on has been cancelled just before the first race was due to go off. In order to maintain my tradition of posting a live meeting up 365-days a year, I have taken a look at Wolverhampton.

Today’s Wolverhampton fancies:

4.40 Wolv- Mops Gem (e/w).

5.10 Wolv- My Girl Maggie (win).

5.40 Wolv- Slowmo (e/w).

6.10 Wolv- Moonbootz (win).

6.40 Wolv- Blame Culture (e/w).

7.10 Wolv- Toronado Queen (e/w).

7.40 Wolv- Roman Mist & Go Oscar Go (e/w).

Happy February all! Keep safe.