Chep, Kemp, Winc (Saturday’s 10 ITV Races)

Pic: South Wales Argos

I very rarely do a mixed meeting blog post, but there are some many good terrestrial television races on ITV today that’s it’s worth looking at all ten I feel.

Today’s ITV4 Races:

1.10 Kemp- see link above.

1.25 Chep- Adagio (win).

1.45 Kemp- see link above.

2.05 Winc- Messire Des Obeaux (win).

2.20 Kemp- see link above.

2.35 Winc- Slate House (e/w).

2.55 Kemp- see link above.

3.10 Chep- see link above.

3.30 Kemp- Amour De Nuit & Mount Mews (e/w).

3.45 Winc- Gardefort (win).

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