Deauville (Dimanche) 🇫🇷

I’m sincerely hoping that Chepstow takes place on Sunday but at the time of writing there must be a big question mark hanging over it. If they race then Big River (20/1) is my each-way selection.

Today’s Deauville fancies:

10.10 Deau- Inaugural & Ballet Queen (e/w).

10.40 Deau- Checkpoint Charlie (e/w).

11.10 Deau- Right Hand (win).

11.40 Deau- Donna Anna (e/w).

12.10 Deau- Jean Racine & Torpen (e/w).

12.43 Deau- Communicate (e/w).

1.17 Deau- As Possible (e/w).

1.52 Deau- Handchop & Verti Chop (e/w).

2.35 Deau- On The Sea (e/w).

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