Bordeaux-Le Bouscat (Sat) 🇫🇷

Beginners luck for the blog yesterday with my very first set of fancies for a full card at Dieppe. Four winners, including one at €42.30 PMU (22/1 SP in the UK) made for a superb day.

Another first for the blog on Saturday with the fancies coming from Bordeaux:

10.45 Bord- Amyr Du Soleil (win).

11.15 Bord- Coco Caline (e/w).

11.45 Bord- Raamez (e/w).

12.15 Bord- Diamond Vendome (e/w).

12.45 Bord- Chafika & Faraj (e/w).

1.17 Bord- Mensen Ernst (win).

1.52 Bord- Norathir (e/w).

2.32 Bord- Black First (e/w).

3.07 Bord- Syrah Malpic (e/w).

3.37 Bord- Louve Dancer (e/w).

Listen for the barking dog on this.




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