Monthly Archives: April 2018

Thirsk (Monday)

Pic: Louise Pollard

1.50 Thirsk- Bibbidibobbidiboo & Billy Booth (e/w).

2.20 Thirsk- Iconic Figure (e/w).

2.55 Thirsk- Supreme Power (e/w).

3.30 Thirsk- The Navigator (e/w).

4.05 Thirsk- Muscika & Black Isle Boy (e/w).

4.35 Thirsk- Supaulette & Scoundrel (e/w).

5.05 Thirsk- Breathable (e/w).

5.35 Thirsk- Correggio & Hussar Ballad (e/w).

ParisLongchamp (featuring the Prix Ganay)

After two years of extensive building work, in 2018 Longchamp racecourse has become ParisLongchamp! More than 160 years after the racecourse was first opened, a new chapter in the history of this renowned horse racing venue has begun. Today marks the official opening of ParisLongchamp.

Today’s ParisLongchamp fancies:

1.00 PL- Hourtin (win).

1.35 PL- Ultra Cool (e/w).

2.15 PL- Borderforce (e/w).

2.50 PL- Bebe D’Amour (win).

3.30 PL- Rhododendron (e/w).

4.15 PL- Stable Genius (e/w).

4.50 PL- Against Rules (e/w).

5.25 PL- Beyond My Dreams (e/w).


Whitbread Gold Cup 2018 (Sandown)

Today’s Sandown fancies:

1.50 Sand- Taxmeifyoucan & Ballymoy (e/w).

2.25 Sand- Top Notch (win).

3.00 Sand- Altior (win).

3.35 Sand- Missed Approach & Domesday Book (e/w).

4.05 Sand- Wholestone (win).

4.40 Sand- Silverhow (e/w).

5.15 Sand- Wilde Blue Yonder & Wolf Of Windlesham (e/w).

Desert Orchid wins 30 years ago.


Perth Festival 2018 (Fri)

Today’s Perth fancies:

1.30 Perth- Birch Vale (win).

2.05 Perth- Thorpe (e/w).

2.40 Perth- Same Circus (e/w).

3.15 Perth- Ardmillan & Cadore (e/w).

3.45 Perth- Boric & Itstimeforapint (e/w).

4.15 Perth- Glingerside (e/w).

4.45 Perth- Cultram Abbety (win).

5.15 Perth- Nefyn Point (e/w).

Perth Festival 2018 (Thurs)

Today’s Perth fancies:

1.50 Perth- Macardle (e/w).

2.20 Perth- Mixboy (win).

2.55 Perth- Christmas In Usa (e/w).

3.30 Perth- Bollin Ace (e/w).

4.05 Perth- Morning Royalty (win).

4.35 Perth- Rivabodiva (e/w).

5.10 Perth- Reiver’s Lodge (e/w).

Perth Festival 2018 (Weds)

Today’s Perth fancies:

1.30 Perth- Blue Flight (win).

2.00 Perth- Princess Mononoke (win).

2.35 Perth- Calett Mad (win).

3.10 Perth- Seldom Inn & Uhlan Bute (e/w).

3.45 Perth- Dutch Canyon (e/w).

4.15 Perth- Shanroe Street (e/w).

4.45 Perth- Think Ahead (win).


Punchestown Festival 2018 (Tues)

Today’s Punchestown fancies:

3.40 Punch- 2-1-9-8 Comb F/C.

4.20 Punch- Paloma Blue (e/w).

4.55 Punch- Disc Donc & Ivanovich Gornatov (e/w).

5.30 Punch- Douvan (win).

6.05 Punch- Glocca Mora (e/w).

6.40 Punch- Al Boum Photo (e/w).

7.15 Punch- Adulterated (e/w).

God’s Own wins two years ago.

Pontefract (Monday)

Today’s Pontefract races:

2.10 Ponte- Allen A Dale (e/w).

2.40 Ponte- Heir Of Excitement & Pioneering (e/w).

3.10 Ponte- Holmeswood & Dakota Gold (e/w).

3.40 Ponte- Madam Lilibet & Becky The Thatcher (e/w).

4.10 Pont- Shatharaat (win).

4.40 Pont- Towton (e/w).

5.15 Pont- B Fifty Two (e/w).

5.15 Pont- Delph Crescent & Admiral Rooke (e/w).


Stratford (Sunday)

Today’s Stratford fancies:

2.00 Strat- Champagne At Tara (e/w).

2.30 Strat- Crafty Roberto (e/w).

3.10 Strat- Quinto & Definately Vinnie (e/w).

3.40 Strat- Flight To Nowhere (e/w).

4.10 Strat- Secret Investor (win).

4.45 Strat- The Last Bridge (e/w).

5.15 Strat- Mr Syntax (e/w).


Scottish Grand National 2018

Today’s Ayr fancies:

1.45 Ayr- Forest Bihan & Upsilon Bleu (e/w).

2.20 Ayr- Dingo Dollar & Keeper Hill (e/w).

2.55 Ayr- Chesterfield & Brelade (e/w).

3.30 Ayr- Peregrine Run (win).

4.05 Ayr- Vicente, Vintage Clouds & Doing Fine (e/w).

4.40 Ayr- Tomngerry (e/w).

5.15 Ayr- Castletown & The Road Home (e/w).

5.50 Ayr- Senior Citizen & Sebastopol (e/w).

Mighty Mark wins 30 years ago.