Monthly Archives: April 2017

“Whitbread” Gold Cup 2017 (Sandown)

Today’s Sandown fancies:

1.50 Sand- Gregarious (e/w).

2.25 Sand- Menorah (win).

3.00 Sand- Altior (win).

3.35 Sand- Le Reve & Rock The Kasbah (e/w).

4.10 Sand- Rather Be (e/w).

4.45 Sand- Theinval & Plaisir D’amour (e/w).

5.20 Sand- Tree Of Liberty & Duke Street (e/w).

One of my favourite NH horses won this race 30 years ago.


Punchestown Festival 2017 (Fri)

Today’s Punchestown fancies:

3.40 Punch- Enniskillen (win).

4.20 Punch- Diamond King & Blackmail (e/w).

4.55 Punch- Rock On The Moor & Keppols Queen (e/w).

5.30 Punch- My Tent Or Yours (e/w).

6.05 Punch- Bacardys (e/w).

6.40 Punch- Maple Mons (e/w).

7.10 Punch- Morgan (e/w).

7.45 Punch- Beyond The Law (e/w).

Last year’s renewal.

Punchestown Festival 2017 (Thurs)

Today’s Punchestown fancies:

3.40 Punch- Stamp Your Feet & Bull Ride (e/w).

4.15 Punch- Hurricane Ben (e/w).

4.50 Punch- Love Rory (e/w).

5.30 Punch- Sutton Place (e/w).

6.05 Punch- Oscar Sam & Billy’s Hope (e/w).

6.40 Punch- Ordinary World (e/w).

7.15 Punch- Good Thyne Tara (e/w).

7.45 Punch- Next Destination (win).

Last Year’s La Touche

Punchestown Festival 2017 (Weds)

Today’s Punchestown fancies:

3.40  Punch- Daweraan & Black Zero (e/w).

4.20 Punch- Minella Till Dawn (win).

4.55 Punch- Monalee (win).

5.30 Punch- Sizing John (win).

6.05 Punch- Fayonagh (win).

6.40 Punch- Jetstream Jack & Draycott Place (e/w).

7.15 Punch- Half The Odds (e/w).

12 months ago…


Punchestown Festival 2017 (Tues)

Today’s Punchestown fancies:

3.40 Punch- Enniskillen (win).

4.20 Punch- Pingshou (e/w).

4.55 Punch- Tudor City (e/w).

5.30 Punch- Rock The World (e/w).

6.05 Punch- Early Doors (win).

6.40 Punch- Disko (win).

7.15 Punch- Jetez (e/w).

The 2016 renewal.

Warwick (Monday)

Today’s Warwick fancies:

1.50 Warw- Bradford Bridge (win).

2.20 Warw- Druids Folly & Midnight Jitterbug (e/w).

2.50 Warw- Thumb Stone Blues (win).

3.25 Warw- Doitforthevillage (win).

3.55 Warw- Big Casino (win).

4.30 Warw- Mercy Mercy Me (e/w).

5.00 Warw- Saturdaynightfever (e/w).

5.30 Warw- Bears Affair (win).

Woo ah mercy, mercy me.

Scottish Grand National 2017

Today’s Ayr fancies:

1.40 Ayr- No No Mac (e/w).

2.10 Ayr- Cloudy Dream (win).

2.45 Ayr- L’Ami Serge & Intense Tango (e/w).

3.20 Ayr- Apterix (e/w).

3.55 Ayr- Vintage Clouds, Blakemount & Portrait King (e/w).

4.30 Ayr- Boite (e/w).

5.05 Ayr- Tantamount (e/w).

5.40 Ayr- Ballyvic Boru (e/w).

Little Polveir wins the 1987 Scottish National.