Catterick (Thursday)


A good day for the blog yesterday. Quietly picking and backing horses- some at good prices – nice and peaceful. No bragging or booming on Twitter. Just getting along with things and enjoying the sport and the odd nice pick up. That’s why this blog has been around for ten years whilst others have been and gone. Keep the faith!

Today’s Catterick fancies:

12.50 Catt- Giveaway Glance (1.27) win.

1.20 Catt- Nobuttaboy (3.1) win.

1.50 Catt- Indian Voyage (9.0) e/w.

2.20 Catt- Top Tug (3.75) win.

2.50 Catt- Carrigdhoun (50.0) & Ballyben (9.0) e/w.

3.20 Catt- Reilly’s Minor (3.35) win.

3.50 Catt- Quill Art (26.0) & Cloud Monkey (22.0) e/w.



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