Daily Archives: September 27, 2016

Sedgefield (Tuesday)


After a fairly successful attempt at Masions-Laffitte yesterday I’m not going to  be so bold as to go through the Enghein N.H card, so it’s the jumping on British soil that gets my full attention today.

Today’s Sedgefield fancies:

2.00 Sedge- Quick Brew (16.5) e/w.

2.30 Sedge- Our Reward (4.1) win.

3.05 Sedge- The Grey Taylor (7.4) e/w.

3.40 Sedge- Safari Journey (8.8) e/w.

4.15 Sedge- Louloumills (7.6) e/w.

4.50 Sedge- Virtually Ours (10.0) e/w.

Bless my cotton socks!