Doncaster Lincoln Meeting 2015 (Sunday)


Today’s Doncaster fancies:

1.45 Donc- New Bidder & Lady Crossmar (e/w).

2.15 Doc- Sirdaab (e/w).

2.45 Donc- Nortron (e/w).

3.20 Donc- Farlow & Nocturn (e/w).

3.55 Donc- First Mohican (e/w).

4.30 Donc- My Reward (e/w).

5.00 Donc- Mica Mika & Save The Bees (e/w).

5.30 Donc- Rock A Doodle Doo & Underwritten (e/w).





2 responses to “Doncaster Lincoln Meeting 2015 (Sunday)

  1. Hi Steve,

    Very interesting that Mr Hanaghan zoomed back from Dubai to ride for the old boss, and Richard Fahey’s horses have certainly sprung out the starting gate like a proverbial rocket.

    I’d be interested to see what you think of SPIFER in that race. Looks one to watch no Dandy Nicholls has the horse fairly handicapped and may well drop another couple of pounds after a troubled passage

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