Doncaster Lincoln Meeting 2015 (Saturday)


I’m pretty gutted not to be at Doncaster today given the fact I was one of the lucky winners of four grandstand tickets. However, flu likes symptoms have got the better of me and my pounding head will be better served with a lemsip or two on the sofa later.

Today’s Doncaster fancies:

1.25 Donc- Comb Exacta 1-2-3 (6 bets).

2.00 Donc- Baltic Knight (win).

2.35 Donc- Astaire (win).

3.10 Donc- Dance And Dance & Le Chat Dor (e/w).

3.45 Donc- Gm Hopkins & What About Carlo (e/w).

4.20 Donc- Dominada (e/w).

4.50 Donc- Magnolia Ridge & Chilly Miss (e/w).

5.25 Donc- Frontline Phantom (e/w).

Dance, dance, dance! 😉


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