Countdown to Cheltenham


Yes I know, we’re on the verge of Christmas but as I write on this racing free day it makes me yearn for next year’s Festival. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking the same?

What better time then to do a bit a planning for next March than whilst you’re twiddling your thumbs at home waiting for the turkey to cook or whilst you’re avoiding all those Christmas repeats on the BBC.

Did you know that some people even fill in their online tax returns on Christmas Day? They escape from the hullabaloo of the party downstairs to the relative peace and quite of upstairs and get on with something constructive. What a great idea, no need for anything quite as taxing as doing tax returns but perhaps do something cheery like Cheltenham planning?

Remember the later you leave your Cheltenham accommodation the harder it gets to find something that suits your needs. In fact a high percentage of accommodation is booked a year in advance straight after the conclusion of each Festival so there’s a mad scramble for the rest. Now is the perfect time to get somewhere and put your mind at rest for the next seventy days or so.

Listed below are some really useful links to help you plan your Cheltenham Festival experience:

Cheltenham Festival Home Page:

Cheltenham Festival Ticket Search:

Dining and Hospitality Packages at Cheltenham:

Cheltenham Festival History:

Cheltenham Festival Reviews:

Cheltenham Racecourse Map:

If you’ve never been to the Cheltenham Festival but you’re really tempted to experience the ambiance of the meeting for the first time in 2015 then if you click the banner below our friends at Betbright have created “The Essential Guide to the Cheltenham Festival” and it’s a thoroughly good tool and read.

Click for Cheltenham details.

Click for Cheltenham details.


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