Haydock (Friday)

sausagerollsIt’s free sausages rolls at Haydock Park tomorrow for the Betfair Chase. I can hardly contain my excitement so I’m going this morning and staying over in a tent at the gates so I can be first in the queue. Yum yum!

Today’s Haydock fancies:

12.50 Hay- Night In Milan & Hartforth (e/w).

1.20 Hay- Valco De Touzaine (win).

1.55 Hay- The Brock Again (win).

2.30 Hay- Virak (win).

3.05 Hay- Adam De Breteau (win).

3.40 Hay- Midnight Shot (win).

It’s close to midnight! 😉


5 responses to “Haydock (Friday)

  1. We are going tomorrow steve,will u be there? Love to meet up if u are.

  2. How do I get this form guru rubbish coming through on my mobile phone STOPPED I have never seen such rubbish tips.They would be hard pushed to tip a wheelbarrow let alone a horse.

  3. I have written a comment above.

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