Melbourne Cup 2014


It’s often mistaken as the Australian equivalent of Aintree Ladies Day but the Melbourne Cup is much bigger than that. It’s the race that stops a nation!

The only stopping the race will do in my house is me getting a full nights sleep as I set my alarm for 3.55 a.m. That’s what you call dedication.

If you’ve got a little time to spare before the big race or you suffer from insomnia then the chaps at On The Other Hoof have done a video preview of the race.

Featuring on that video is Hong Kong based writer Andrew Hawkins and here is his excellent in-depth analysis on every single runner in the race. It’s very good and an essential read.

2014 Melbourne Cup Complete Guide

Mully’s Melbourne Missives:

AU REVOIR (95.0 win, 20.0 place) & PROTECTIONIST (8.8 win, 3.35 place) both each-way on Betfair.

And to finish here’s Men At Work just to get you in the mood 😀




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