Wetherby (Wednesday)



I’ve not had cause to block someone on Twitter for a long time but I’m afraid Mr Pinder got an instant one the moment he posted this insult on my time line seconds after the Huntingdon blog first went up yesterday. I gave him the opportunity to apologise or expand on his reasoning but unsurprisingly he never got back. So he’s now locked up in my own Twitter jail along with the handful of people from “Team Boom” who used to pass my work off as their own back in the day.

As of yesterday I’ve changed the tagline on this blog and and I’m also going to be adding a disclaimer to the end of each post as there appears to be some confusion. Those of you who have followed for the five years I have been doing this are aware this isn’t a tipping site. It’s a friendly blog and simply a mere mirror image of my own punting afternoon at a particular meeting where I back all those I post up in each race to either win or each-way. So yes, I sometimes have two, even three horses in a sizable field.

Sometimes you tell me you follow certain fancies, sometimes you swerve them, sometimes they reinforce your own convictions but I’m pretty sure the majority of you have never considered them as tips. I think you’ll find you get tips from a pay site Mr Pinder and then you may have cause to gripe when they send out some right duffers.

Yesterday’s free offerings included:  Tiradia (A Coleman, 16/1), Milgen Bay (L Aspell, 3/1), Ordo Ab Chao (W Hutchinson, 1/3 fav) & The Druids Nephew (A P McCoy, 4/6 fav).

Today’s Wetherby fancies:

2.20 Weth- Blue Talisman & Two B’s (e/w).

2.50 Weth- Un Anjou (win).

3.25 Weth- Fair Loch (e/w).

4.00 Weth- Alderbrook Lad (e/w).

4.35 Weth- Fort Worth (e/w).

5.35 Weth- Mr Moonshine & Lackamon (e/w).

We’re the kids in the betting shop! 😉

Disclaimer: Whilst I endeavour to post up winning fancies I accept no liability for the performance of my selections which are for entertainment purposes only and are simply a charting of my own punting day.



2 responses to “Wetherby (Wednesday)

  1. There really are some cocks out there I am afraid. Keep it up for the silent minority.

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