Market Rasen (Sat Eve)


Just a little plug for Paul’s book for the forthcoming season. An essential read if ever there was one. Order yours today!

Well it was from the sublime to the ridiculous yesterday as I didn’t get a single sniff of a winner at Tramore compared to that wonderful catch at Fontwell on Thursday night.

Today’s fancies are at Market Rasen:

5.40 MR- Yasir (win).

6.10 MR- Lucky Cody (win).

6.45 MR- Ainsi Fideles (win).

7.15 MR- The Nephew (win).

7.45 MR- Master Of The Hall (win).

8.15 MR- Bathwick Man (win).

Everyone’s a winner with Paul’s book! 😉




One response to “Market Rasen (Sat Eve)

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