York Dante Meeting (Fri)


Navajo Chief (K Fallon, 15/2) winning by a short-head saved my blogging bacon yesterday. I actually backed the same horse one year ago and put it up on here if you have a browse under the archive button. You can’t beat a bit of tradition. I wonder if The Chief will win again next year?

There’s a summer jumps meeting at Aintree tonight and I’m an Aintree lover as you know but I avoid tonight’s fixture like the plague. I went a couple of times but drunken school kids celebrating their prom night and puking up everywhere isn’t my idea of fun 😀

Today’s York fancies:

1.45 York- War Paint & Don’t Tell Annie (e/w).

2.15 York- Chancery (e/w).

2.45 York- Ahzeemah & Camborne (e/w).

3.15 York- Azagal & Folk Melody (e/w).

3.50 York- Piazon & Grecian (e/w).

4.25 York- Alice’s Dancer (e/w).

5.00 York- Penhill & Innocent Touch (e/w).

Don’t forget to look in tomorrow morning when I will be posting my monster Poop 6 selections to aid/hinder you in your quest to become a multimillionaire:


And finally…a tune:

War Paint! 😉



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